Up a creek….

By david.

Kate and David on the marsh

 The marsh begins to bristle with grass, the willets “pill-will-willet” as they flush, and office-worn scientists stretch their atrophied muscles and leap a leap that’s not short on confidence but short on distance onto the spongy peat.  A new, muddy skidmark – a badge of honor or welcoming – adorns the no-longer new pants.  The scientist stands, struggling like a new-born foal to find her legs.  The marsh smiles a creek-wide smile, breathes deeply and says hello.   A new field season begins.

The next week the weather was temperamental and our week was filled with the minutiae of set-up.  Deploy walking planks (arg!), order supplies, dust the cobwebs from the battered memory about how to set-up YSI’s, go to Home Depot, forget something, go back to Home Depot, and of course, haul one or two bags of fertilizer.  By the Friday, both Clubhead and Sweeney tank set-ups were complete and their bellies full of sweet, sweet fertilizer. 

Kate inside Frank the Tank, top view

We started pumping by May 14.  I lie.  Clubhead is a gem and began on the 13th.  Sweeney.  Well, Sweeney is Sweeney.  A lovely child, but always needing just a bit more attention than the rest.  Pump hiccups happen but there is no angst (maybe a little) as I am to New Hampshire to roost on the porch of Frank Bowles, the pump engineer, until we  to fix the Sweeney pump up nicely.  Kate and I still celebrated Friday with both set-ups being complete, if not operational. 

Kate from inside the tank

Kate wonder's what she's gotten herself into

For now it is just two of us, but soon there will be more.  It should be a productive season and I look forward to your smiling faces and slumping, fertilizer-laden shoulders on the marsh.

The marsh. 

It waits for you.   



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