Foul hooked

June 12, 2010

by Konner.

The number of people in the house has exploded up to 6 people with two new REU’s joining the rest of us.

Meghan has returned for another year of what can only be described as fun in the sun.

A newcomer Ashley has joined us for a summer of marsh adventures she will try to forget.

Tank fills continue constantly, presenting unforeseen challenges and foreseen human error.

Bags of fertilizer open seemingly on their own adding clean up duty.  Sweeney couldn’t wait for the next high tide to pump and consequently overfilled with excitement and water.  A Clubhead mishap was attributed to an angry water hose which caused an unexpected early morning marsh shower.

In other news, flume nets have been installed at all 6 creeks.  The Marshview crew is restlessly awaiting their first midnight sampling assignments.  Hours upon hours of S. patens detritus sorting has taken place in the lab this past week.

The marsh hasn’t been the only source of work.  The dumpster has been moved in preparation for a new lab/trailer that is to arrive shortly.  A new toilet has also been installed in order to stop a potentially smelly leak.  The grey truck was given an oil change to ensure smooth running throughout the summer.

On a leisurely note, late night spades and Scrabble competitions have caused some team members to lose a few hours of sleep.  For some it was worth it, and sadly for some it was not.  Weekends have included a few fishing trips with the experts pulling in the fish and the novices gazing on jealously.  Only one person was foul hooked…


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