Important Data

It’s getting a little hotter out on the marsh, but we are finding ways to cope.

Everything ran smoothly this past week and we will be entering July in full stride.

Erik, Ariella, and Chris counted root hairs at full speed; Meghan and Ashley did some early season data analysis; and Austin started examining algae in the ponds.

Kate and Bruce paid their dues to Isus, God of Nitrate.

Rio stopped by again.

David has become the proud father of some baby Melampus

A few new bodies are still rolling in.  Imogene, a high-school intern local from the Governor’s Academy, has joined our ranks.  She has acted as a renaissance woman, collecting chlorophyll a samples, labeling bottles, entering data, collecting diatoms with Austin, measuring grass and counting inverts with Meghan and Ashley, and much, much more.  Everyone’s life has become a little easier since her arrival this past week.



As some are just getting their first salty taste of the marsh, Konner is saying his final goodbyes to the mummichogs.  He had what may very well be his last bite of American Barbecue on Thursday.

We conducted a little whiteboard poll this week.  It asked some important and probing questions.  Here are the results (n = 8):

1) Do you think Salicornia is tasty?

Yes: 75%

No: 12.5%

Haven’t tried it: 12.5%

2) Would you eat an amphipod for $10?

Yes: 37.5 (Note: David said he would eat one for $1)

No: 62.5 (Note: Meghan said that if offered $13 she would eat and amphipod and also drink 1 spoonful of tire water, whatever that is)

3) Favorite creek


CL: 12.5%

WE: 25%

SW: 50% (Note: for some this is highly contingent on boat availability)

4) Favorite truck?

Old Grey Mare/Silver Bullet: 50%

The Red Truck: 50%

5)Would you consider yourself a:

a. plant person: 45%

b. bird person: 9%

c. invert person: 9%

d. microbial/biogeochemical person: 0% (yikes!!) person: 9%

f. ecosystem person: 27%


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