Party on the marsh

by ariella.

They have arrived. They like the dark, they enjoy feeding on human blood and their bite burns and can leave scars. Can you guess who they are? No not vampires, greenheads! Greenhead flies are out with a vengeance and adding an extra challenge to marsh life; however, we the persevering TIDE team, have overcome them by wearing long clothes, bathing in skin so soft and confronting them with courage.

Despite the little buggers, we have all had a very productive week.   Some of the many achievements have been:

Meghan and Ashley baked a good-bye cake for Konner.  We miss you Konner!

Meghan, Ashley, Chris and Erik made a birthday cake for me!

Two new members have joined our team:

Sam, looking fly with his shades and…

Sarah, also known as the queen of the SIGMAs.

Team Austin and Sam, or the algae people, have been installing fish exclosures and decorated the marsh with more bridal veil for algae to colonize.

Team Meghan and Ashley, or the girls, have been collecting their inverts including 4,000 coffee bean snails and deploying more invert filled bags.

Chris, Erik and I, or team Ariella-just kidding I mean the plant people, have been busily coring and sorting. We have a total of 20 cores so far. We also teamed up with the girls.

Kate, Linda (Lead PI) and  Bruce (co-PI) have begun preparing for the nutrient challenges. Here they are outfitting a canoe in preparation for a 24-hour water sampling adventure.

Other events of note include:

Erik embarking on his first fill

Plant people cleaning the bathrooms during a house clean up power hour.

Erik, Megan and David perfecting their rapping skills.

We work hard and play hard here in the marsh.


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